Thursday, 18 November 2010

Rainbow Pony Fabric

Franco Rabazzo

Be You… Print

Be You...

I recently put together a round-up of potential prints for my friend Laura’s Living Room.  How about this one! Be You… by Yumalum.  I have been trying to shop locally as much as possible, and this seller, like us, is based in sunny South Wales!

The proprietor of Yumalum is also the author of the rather delectable blog obsessilicious, where I often head for some chair-ogling.

Quest Twenty Eight re-design

If you visited this site over the last few days you might have notices some strange goings on with the colours and layout.  After some serious ‘mucking about’ I’m finally happy with the result.  Before getting there I went on a bit of a journey. Here are some of the high (and low) lights:

sputnik 1


Mug header amd

reader fancy

  tablecloth fancy

floral 70s fancy

70s fancy

I also had a glorious plan involving a golden, crushed velvet, button back sofa, but i-stock wanted almost £14 for the image! Pfft!  If you have such a sofa, I will pay you in tea to for close ups.

I’m still not entirely happy with the sidebar layout, but it’s late, so I conceded for today.  Let me know what you think – prefer the mug header? I think I might….

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir at Asda?

Pomegranate Noir  Family Image

Jo Malone

I was once gifted a wonderful Jo Malone candle, and have ever since adored the Pomegranate Noir scent.  I can’t pass a Jo Malone store without going in for a whiff. 

I was quite surprised when I entered my parent’s house last week to find that it sniffed wonderfully of Pomegranate Noir. After much exclaiming and jealousy on my behalf it emerged that it was actually an Air Freshener, purchased at everyone’s favourite green supermarket, Asda! 

I’ve never been quite willing to spend £38 on the Jo Malone candle.  The (very small) bargain conscious side of me is delighted that Asda’s new limited edition room fragrance, Snowberries and Warm Spice, smells rather similar (at least to my unschooled nose).  At £2 each, I will most definitely be stocking up on these refills.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cowhide Rugs

Jeremy & Kathleen

I saw one of these beauties in TK Maxx, and am seriously considering one. 

Bullyproof Vest


We currently have a lovely Kilim with pink and aubergine tones, but I’ve found a spot for that one on the landing now.


What do you think, Moo or no Moo?