Saturday, 6 November 2010


Next Saturday I will be 21 for the sixth time!  As requested by several family members, I’ve put together a birthday wish list.  I already have more than I could have hope for, but here goes anyhow:Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

Burt's Bees Facial Wash (in fact, anything by Burt’s Bees – the bulk purchase I made in the US earlier this year is running out)

No zoom image available

Wall Book Shelf in White by Conran Shop.

Portfolio Jeans by M&S.


Green linen vintage doily pillow with kapok

Doily Pillow

Green vintage army blanket cushion with kapok, 12 x 12

Army Blanket Cushion

Cabin Chic Pillow Cover made with Oregons' own Pendleton Wool 16x16


Cabin Chic Pillow Cover made with Oregons' Pendleton Wool16x16

Cabin Chic Pillow (I am aware that this is quickly turning into a cushion post, but I’m on a roll!)

Speaking of cushions, remember this one?

Large image

White Horse cushion, previously featured.

Tea for One Lime Green 12oz

I’m not entirely sure how this works, but I’m sure I need one for work, so I can drink loose leaf tea there too.  Tea for one.

Royal Air Force Tea

Oolong Refill Pouch

And of course, Tea to go with it. Rare Tea Company.

You're My Favourite Hello - small

Hello necklace.

Tiny sterling silver heart stacking ring

Tiny Heart stacking ring.

I’m not going to say much about this item, it’s still at the negotiation stage. More tomorrow!

Ebay Sighting

Lovely Coffee table with wire tray.  Current bid £14.99. Collect from North Lancashire.

Hello Sir (Dubarry Galway Boots return)

A recent trip to St Andrews resulted in a newly discovered love for Scotland, and a borderline fetishistic obsession with a pair of boots.

Just came across this rather glorious video:

I may need a barn.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Laura’s Living Room

By good friend Laura recently re-imagined her living space (for re-imagined, read knocked-down-a-wall).  Her new living/dining/kitchen space, which spans the entire ground floor of the house looks fantastic.  I had to wrestle the sledgehammer off Anthony when we got home after visiting them.

The re-imagining is virtually complete, the only thing missing is a piece of art work.  And that’s where I come in – Hoorah! 

First of all here’s a bit of a mock up of Laura’s living room space.

Laura LIving room

Karstad Sofa, Bjursta Sideboard, Ella Dog Cushion, Retro Phone, Abbey Road Print.

Laura’s specifid requirements are as follows:  One piece of art work, to complement the above set up.  This piece will hang above the TV, which is on the oak Sideboard above.  Due to the shape/size of the wall, the piece will need to be in a landscape format.  Laura’s whole house has a great colour scheme, with one colour being predominant in each room.  In this case, needless to say, we will be sticking with red.  Here goes:


Hag Coffee Giclee.


Albrecht Duerer’s The Indian Rhinoceros.


Letterpress Dice Print - Sigma Hydrae


I love this one!  It was made by letterpress printing with 720 dice. Fantastic. I see no reason that this couldn’t be hung in landscape format. Letterpress Dice print by Stukenborg.


Silver City 2 - Hand-printed Artprint

Silver City 2 – hand printed in black and silver, by nateduval.


Shiny Red Car


OK, this one is not landscape, but hello!

Hampstead Heath Screenprint by Kate Banzai.


Ringling Brother: Polar Bear.


Become who you are by aardvarkonsea.

Monday, 1 November 2010

G-Plan Telephone Table

Hello there telephone table!

Unfortunately, I have no space for this, but strongly advise that you should buy it. Don’t let the fuzzy pictures fool you – this is a wonderful bit of kit, and practical too. Starting bid £10.00 – Buy It Now £20.00!

It’s G-plan. If I come back after my supper and someone hasn’t bought this, there will be trouble. Go on, buy it. Then send me pictures of it once you have re-upholstered it. Collection from Oldham area.

Give me me strength..

I’m pretty sure I probably don’t need a set four of these chairs.  But then I’m also pretty sure I’ve never seen this G-Plan design before, that I LOVE the seat colour, and that these chairs would improve my life.

Would it be a crime to split my current G-plan dining set up and substitute the chairs with these?  No? I didn’t think so either!

Perhaps I’ll have a glass of wine, bid on the chairs, and then blame the booze.  This is a tried and tested method.