Friday, 17 September 2010

Uncovering the Stairs

Look what I found under the (gruesome) blue carpet on the stairs!


Cool huh?


Anthony wouldn’t let me pull up the whole lot.  Something about ‘you did the same in the hallway and you haven’t finished that yet’.  He has a point.

I wonder how much it would take to bring these back.  Can you see the lovely patina on the front of the tread?  Just think, lurking under that blue carpet could be this:

Image by Danielle

Image by Claire Cabrera

Image by Ami Thai

Image by Kate Hoffman

Image by Lillian Day

Be still, beating heart.

Image by Fine Diving

Love this one! Also love love love the slate floor tiles with the rug, what a great imate! Image by Sasha.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mystery Furniture

I mentioned over the weekend that I spotted something special at an auction, and was hoping for a bargain.  Sadly, it seems, other people were too.  The chairs went for quadruple my commission bid. Pffft! 

They were a set of 4 Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle Dining Chairs, like so:

Image via

They were missing their table.

Image via

What do you think of this set?

Hans Olsen Frem Rojle Dining Set (chair)

I’m usually all for painting wood, and have no objections to bright colours.  I find however, that the above yellow creation pushes me to my limit.  I can’t quite decide if I love or hate it.  Although it certainly looks sunny. Image via midcenturymodernist

If you can’t go on living without a set of these chairs, there are some on eBay here at the moment.  The set at the auction was identical, and sold for a lot more than the current £33.00 bid.  Image via eBay listing.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mugs and Horses

Some new vintage stuffs in the shop today!

Horse F1

Horse F2

Horse F5

Vintage Horsey Handbag

MUG f4

Mugs F1

Mug F5

Vintage Geometric Pattern Staffordshire Mugs.

I bought a new tripod and fancy remote shutter release thingy.  Fancy.  I’ve managed to take completely 100%, in-focus images.  I can finally rest.   This has been going on since 2008 for goodness sake! You should see the first image in this post in it’s original resolution – it’s like heaven! 

I’ll shut up now.

Give me strength

BOTTEGA VENETA Pink bag with horse head handle

Slowly count to ten, and stay away from ‘Add to Cart’ button.  Vintage Bottega Veneta Bag. In Pink. With loop horse head handles.  $3000.00. If I had a child I would sell it so I could buy this bag. Available from Nina Polli on Etsy.

BOTTEGA VENETA Pink bag with horse head handle

Who Dey - Art

Bengal Print – Little Paper Planes

I know a Cincinnati Bengals Fan who would love one of these prints.  Coincidentally, he happens to be moving into a new home soon.  Internet – I’ll make a deal with you – if said Bengals fan brother actually reads this blog, and mentions this post to me (without prompting!) I will gift him this print for his new home. 

Bengal print as seen on design is mine.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Is it getting colder outside?

I always really look forward to the seasons changing.  There is something adventurous and romantic about a new season.  Autumn (or fall as it is more commonly knows) is one of my favourites.  I want to curl up in a comfy corner, with a book and a drink.  Somewhere like here maybe?


image by decomyplace. (hail the Ercol)  Below are a few things one might need to create such a comfy corner:

Large imageThe White Horse Cushion, by Bonnie and Jackson on Folksy. They are also selling two of these rather nice chairs.

Large image

Pink Flowers Easy Chair.  And maybe you would like to drink a cup of coffee in your new chair.  Maybe you’ll even have friends over for coffee.

Collection of Vintage Coffee Mugs

Collection of Vintage Coffee Mugs by havenvintage on etsy.  Perhaps a piece of shortbread with your coffee?


Image by whitneyinchicago. And when it starts to get a little bit colder, you’ll need a woolly blanket.

Highland Hug Throw by French Bedroom Company. And you will need more tea!

Image by good mood factory.  Happy Autumn!