Thursday, 18 March 2010

What to do it you buy ridiculously coloured ski pants and can’t find a matching hat

I purchased some coral coloured ski pants, in the sale.  They were a bit small, but after some serious visits to the gym, and a reduction in the outrageous amount of biscuits and cakes consumed at work recently, they now fit.  Huzzah.

Today I ordered one of these cute hats, in coral and white, to match said pants. It’s going to be a (hopefully) matching shade of coral, with white patterns. Now I just need to get a white coat.  And we leave next Friday. Tall order!

Custom made/knit/knitted RETRO/ VINTAGE STYLE snowflake bobble ski hat- NEW TO ORDER- CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLOURS

Custom made hat by ERW64

Pants look like this, but a bit more orange.


Obermayer Ski Pants

The coat I have in mind is this one:

Sugar Womens Miltaex Ski Jacket by Tog 24

So if you ever end up buying ski pants in a stupid colour, you now know where to go for a hat.  I’ll be sure to show you the hat in the flesh when it arrives.

As a side note on the subject of impending holidays; you may be able to ascertain from the tone of this post that I’m getting just a little bit excited at the following prospects:

a) Holiday!

b) being in the mountains

c) seeing my family

d) watching Anthony fall on his bum whilst learning to ski.  (payback for all the golf lessons were I look like a lunatic swinging a metal stick).

1 week to go!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Expedit Alternatives

So I’m still mulling over this Landing Strip business.  This photo got stuck in my head the other day, and this evening I spent a good hour trawling through my browser history trying to find it.  Isn’t it glorious.

Whilst I was initially planning to go for a vintage teak unit, I now am stuck on this one.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what that piece of furniture is, and where it’s from.  Any thoughts?  I originally saw it here, and it’s labelled as Scott Dorrance via Desire to Inspire (fruitless – no explanations there).

Regardless, I am now thinking a functional and sturdy unit like the above would be great.  Something you can fling your handbag and keys at without damaging it.  Now the Ikea Expedit immediately came to mind, but I’m trying to cut down on the Ikea, especially the large pieces. 

EXPEDIT Shelving unit

Ikea Expedit

So I am tying to come up with a way to make/adapt/refurbish something to create a similar piece of furniture to the red one above.  And I’m still waiting on the inspiration to strike (Vintage display units on ebay anyone?  there is some great stuff there – just nothing as sturdy as this).

In the meantime, how about this one?


The Cosmo Cube Shelving - MP507WB

Kubu shelving unit

Lovely, but something about it screams catalogue at me.  Perhaps I could motivate someone to knock up some old floorboards into something similar (if far less polished)…

Very much a work in progress - any thoughts or suggestions are very welcome!