Saturday, 9 January 2010

Stalagmites, Stalactites…


Now I know I’ve been going on about the snow a bit already, but the weather here really is quite crazy!  This is what I look at  from where I’m sitting right now. 


More snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow… We are decamping to my parent’s house, who live on lower ground.  On the schedule for tonight:  The first of the NFL playoff games, Jets vs Bengals. Who Dey!

Bills made beautiful

Upcycled Security Envelope Ring - Blue Lattice

How great are these rings! Made from silver plated pewter, the lovely pattern is from the inside of a security envelope. You know the envelopes you get bills in? I love that something as mundane as a bill has been turned into something so unique and interesting. By UglyKittyDeRoux, wide range available here in the Etsy shop. I recommend visiting the website.

Upcycled Security Envelope Ring - Blue Pattern Square

(images via UglyKittyReDeux)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Years Day 2010

As promised, a more upbeat New Years post! For New Years we travelled up to North Wales and spend time with our family. This consisted of a rather fantastic Raclett on New Years Eve, a trip up to the foot of Snowdon (by car) to enjoy the brilliant sunshine, and a impulse purchase (more on that later).

Here are some photos:

Me in my most favouritest hat trying to keep warm

This is the Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel. It has simple Alpine charm, and I can't wait to go back soon.

In the words of the Sunday Telegraph 'A national treasure, in the same family since 1947, this delightfully eccentric climbing inn has changed mercifully little over the years and offers simple pleasures in abundance. After a day spent walking in Snowdonia, come home to a sauna in the garden followed by a dip in the natural pool, then a hearty dinner announced by a gong and a night in one of the plain, spotless bedrooms, with no frills except fluffy towels, monogrammed linen and a decent bar of Imperial Leather soap.' (Sunday Telegraph, January 28 2007 - Insiders' Guide)

I spent most of New Years Day declaring to anyone who would listen that I was going to climb Snowdon, so I could stay at this hotel. My brother kindly tried to explain that it perhaps wasn't the best time of year for it, and that my fitness levels may not be quite up to scratch. I suspect he may be right.

At said hotel we had an early afternoon snack

My brother James relaxing underneath a print of (I assume) Hillary and Norgay, who based the training camp for their Everest climb at the hotel in 1953. The hotel itself is peppered with climbing memorabilia (what you can't see in the pictures is the climbing boots suspended from the ceiling above James' head).

Snowdon itself was heaving! Can you see all the tiny people ascending on the path halfway up the mountain? We remained safely in the car, but did get stuck in a traffic jam for a while. I bet the people climbing up enjoyed it - the weather was fantastic.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 Diary Disappointment

I was planning a post about resolutions and New Years thoughts, but am now instead overcome by the need to vent:

After several hours of trawling the Internet I have accepted the fact that I cannot find the perfect diary for 2010.

Last year I searched and searched, and around June gave up. This year I was adamant that I would find the perfect diary and not procrastinate! So after hunting through every online shop in the UK (and several in Europe), I have established that the perfect diary does not exist, and have settled for an acceptable alternative.

There was a brief moment of promise, I though the Holy Grail was within reach, but was disappointed. As seen on Wee Birdy , Shelf in London have (had) a lovely selection, but alas! they are not available online.

The one I eventually chose (Paperchase, available here, image via is not offensive, and the size and layout actually suit me well - I'm planning to note down brief thoughts, To Do's, lists, inspirations and reminders at the end of each day.

I promise more inspirational (and less whiney) posts for 2010, but for now I'm off to bed to dream about anything but diaries!