Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Paris, Neige & Mariage

   Oh. OH!!! This is my absolute favourite Paris picture EVER!!! I. Love. This. 
   And I believe I have proven my point about kmelv, from whom I reblogged this. I must add three million tags, though, so all the world will see it and it will be posted on Tumblr again. kmelv deserves 10,000 followers JUST FOR THIS ONE PICTURE ALONE.

Guess where my friend Laura and I are going on Friday! The sole purpose of this visit is to procure one of these:

For this glamorous (now Parisian) lady:

There will most likely be some of this too:

And according to the forecast there is going to be some of this:

So I am packing lots of warm clothes in my tiny hand luggage bag. Wish us luck on the dress hunt!

Images: I dont think Prada is the Answer / Rosa Clara / Zagatbuzz / Mr Ullmi

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Alice at Simply The Nest said...

Yowser, that is une très chic robe! Hope you have a splendid trip - Paris in the snow is so lovely, I recommend lashings of vin rouge, chocolat chaud, and soupe à l'oignon. Très bien.