Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Brass is now officially accepted

I recently made the executive decision that brass is awesome.  I think it was largely due to this trunk, as seen on The Brick House.

Ever since then I’ve had brass on the brain. I spent hours trawling flickr, ebay and online hardware stores looking for some brass handles for a new piece of furniture.  About 12 pages through Flickr I stumbled across exactly the handles I was looking for.

It took me several seconds to realise that that is actually a picture of my sideboard.  I knew I’d seen those handles somewhere! Doh.

Some Brass Porn for your delectation:

Vintage Piano Lamp with Music NoteBrass Music Note Lamp (I want to polish it!)

vintage brass filigree cuff braceletVintage Brass Filigree Cuff (if you’re not allergic)

Brass Deer

Vintage Seashell Clam Bookends BrassBookends

70s HOLLYWOOD REGENCY Hammered BRASS URN Table LAMPSHammered Brass Lamp

Folk Horse (Vintage Brass)The most awesome brass horse ever (I just bought this, and have tears in my eyes with joy. No joke.)

Vintage Brass CandelabraCandelabra

Do you concur?  I’m off to buy some Brasso.

Images via The Brick House / Me.

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