Saturday, 9 October 2010

Holiday Plans

I am a big fan of lists.  Everything starts with a list. I have a great iPhone app called 2Do, which is the equivalent of To Do List Porn.  I though I’d share my holiday to do list with you here for a change.  I’ll spare you the packing list though…


1. Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium in Edinburgh.

Apparently, Britain’s largest Vintage Clothing Emporium.  Just a little excited about this one.

Located at 83 The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HJ.  Image via Armstrong.

I also plan on visiting Barnardos Vintage Clothes Shop, a boutique charity shop. If you would like to read more about shopping for Vintage in Edinburgh there’s a great article here.


2. The Scotch Whisky Experience

Whisky tastings

Today I got into serious trouble for spelling the word Whisky wrong, and even more so for not knowing the difference between the two.  Clearly, I am in need of education.  (Father, if you are reading this, I’m sorry.  You must be mortified that your daughter is exhibiting such ignorance!  Please forgive me).

Located at he Scotch Whisky Experience, 354 Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 2NE.  Image via Scotch Whisky Experience.


3. Edinburgh Castle

I’ve never been to Edinburgh before, so this seems obligatory. Image via Edinburgh Castle.


4. Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, Old Course, St Andrews.

We have tickets for the final day, Sunday.  After the mind boggling awesomeness of the Ryder Cup, I’m looking forward to watching more golf. Hopefully sans the mud! Image by wparadiso.


5. Anstruther Fish Bar

Apparently everyone and their dog knows about this place. ‘best fish and chips in the world!’ is what I keep hearing. It’s very close to where we are staying, and will definitely be visited.


6. Catch up on Reading

The Children's Book

Austerlitz – W G Sebald, The Children’s Book – A S Byatt (image via, The White Queen – Phillipa Gregory.


7. Dig out the Crochet Needles

Something like this maybe?


Oversize Cowl by Sweet Knitting.


8. The Scottish Deer Centre


Because really, can you ever have too many deer in your life?

Image via The Scottish Deer Centre. Located at The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar KY15 4NQ.

9. The Fife Coastal Path

Looking forward to exploring this!  I like a good numeric system.


10. Culross


No holiday is complete without a bit of National Trust.  The Scottish version this time.  This is a furnished palace, or ‘Royal Burgh’.

It is no almost 1am, I have not yet packed, and we are due to set off  in about 6 hours – I better run!

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