Thursday, 2 September 2010

West Wales

We’re back in the real world after a short trip to Pembrokeshire.  We visited Saundersfoot and Tenby:

The weather was glorious.

There were some amazing views. (Really very many. This is the edited-within-an-inch-of-it’s-life selection)

We stumbled upon the view below by accident – there was much oohing and aahing.  If you have a magnifying glass you can spot the golf course where we played golf the following day.

We had the opportunity (possibly once-in-a-life-time!) to attend a pig race.


We visited some of Anthony’s family in their great new home in Saundersfoot.  I got to meet Michelle and her lovely family for the first time!

After Saundersfoot and Tenby we moved a little further north, and stayed in a really cool place – Gellifawr.  It’s in the middle of nowhere, but really worth it. We were spontaneously upgraded and stayed in the Eagle’s Nest Cottage, which has been converted from part of an 18th Century Mill House.

The upgrade meant there was room for our friends Kayleigh and Scott to stay with us (how glamorous they are!).

Thanks for the great company guys! There was some wine, and some cheese. It didn’t last too long.  (There was also some Tequila, kidnapped umbrellas and a run-in with some Fairy Liquid, but that’s another story.)



We took a trip to Fishguard (yes, more views):

And also visited an ancient burial chamber:

And the beach!

We played some golf (can you see my golf ball REALLY close to the flag? Closer than Anthony’s? ‘Tis true!)

I got to wear my new bargain-silk-scarf:

There was also some antique-shop-hunting:

And generally a lot of fresh air.  Looking back on it all now, I can’t believe we squeezed so much in.


(image above facebook-pinched from Kayleigh).

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