Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Paperchase Online, finally

Disclaimer:  If you are not a fan of cute and kitschy things, this post may make you feel nauseous. Or convert you.


Cloud 9 Luggage Tag

You can now shop online for Paperchase goodies!  One of the things I miss about London was the weekly amble around the Paperchase store opposite Charing Cross.  Always a pleasure.  Up until recently their products were only available on Amazon, which was a pretty tedious way to browse their things.  After all, if you are shopping at Paperchase, you want to enjoy the visual feast!

Here are some of my favourite bits from the current collections:

Cloud 9 Tea for one – I have been planning to get one of these.  I went to a lovely tea tasting session on the weekend, and might just need this pot so I can enjoy my new tea at work.

Dreamland Sticky Notes

Dreamland Iphone Case – A pony with a tiara. A deer.  Crochet cupcakes, lace and polkadots.  Need I say more?

Folk Trees Notecards

Pantry Peepers Snack boxes – great name, great design.

Wild Heather Clip Frame Purse


 Wild Heather Laptop Bag.  Isn’t this fantastic?

Shoe Shine Kit

There is also a good selection of greeting cards, and lots of other stationary (and non-stationary) goodness.

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Lilies and Daisies said...

just in time for christmas!! I love their christmas cards, so kitsch.