Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Boots On

I was just browsing Etsy, and Anthony turned the music on in another room in the house.  First song on the iPod random selection – Paolo Nutini, New Shoes.  I was looking at this item.

vintage. LEATHER NAVAJO carpet boots

It muse be a sign. Leather Navajo Boots by Little Bee Vintage.

Perhaps to go with this dress:

Vintage Navy and White Pinstripe Dress

Navy & White Pinstripe Dress by Hello Darling Vintage

And this – Eek!!

Vintage 60s LITTLE DEER Tooled Leather Coin Purse or Wallet

Vintage 60’s Little Deer Tooled Leather Purse by Bad Cholla Vintage

Almost done – just some jewellery to add:

The Flock of Butterflies Locket - Vintage

Flock of butterflies vintage necklace by verabel (lots of stunning lockets, worth investigating.)

Vintage ladies mechanical watch Luch from Belarus Soviet Union era

Vintage Luch watch from Belarus by Clockwork Universe.

And you’re good to go.

PS:  The little deer purse ended up in my Etsy shopping cart before I even finished writing this post.  Late night shopping is the best.

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