Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mystery Furniture

I mentioned over the weekend that I spotted something special at an auction, and was hoping for a bargain.  Sadly, it seems, other people were too.  The chairs went for quadruple my commission bid. Pffft! 

They were a set of 4 Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle Dining Chairs, like so:

Image via

They were missing their table.

Image via

What do you think of this set?

Hans Olsen Frem Rojle Dining Set (chair)

I’m usually all for painting wood, and have no objections to bright colours.  I find however, that the above yellow creation pushes me to my limit.  I can’t quite decide if I love or hate it.  Although it certainly looks sunny. Image via midcenturymodernist

If you can’t go on living without a set of these chairs, there are some on eBay here at the moment.  The set at the auction was identical, and sold for a lot more than the current £33.00 bid.  Image via eBay listing.

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Amari said...

Oh, I DO love those chairs, but I'd change the color. The yellow is not a pretty yellow, at least in my opinion. The chairs are so beautiful and simple that I'd definitely go more understated with them. Nice find!!!