Saturday, 4 September 2010

Front Door

This post is designed to convince Anthony that we need a new front door.  He seems to think that the uPVC beauty currently in place is great (something about insulation and safety.  Pffft, who cares for practical concerns when you could have a PINK door?!)

Image by zanoushka

Or maybe purple? Image by Canon Spark.  (Side note – check out this set on Flickr – coloured doors galore)

Somehow I don’t think either of those are going to convince him.  Also, the front door will need to be in-keeping with the age of the house.  The front  looks like this (second one along, red bricks, obviously sans the snow):

You can see it from the inside here.

I’m thinking white wooden door perhaps, or untreated wood? Some inspiration:

Image by meg nicol

Image by beeeeeker

Love this one! Image by franklin_hunting

Image by la fattina

Image by Andrew Stawarz

Image by dflintandco

Image by dflintandco – lots more here – 123 more to be precise.


Image by dflintandco.

Now I just need to hope that I can get something similar at a reasonable price.  And then find out how you hang a front door.  I have a sneaky feeling it’s more complicated than it seems…


MoonDoggie said...

Oh yes - you MUST have a new front door, Anthony!

I think the front door is very important. It helps set the tone of a home even before you step foot inside. Keep working on him ;)

Sofluid said...

I'm afraid I have to side with my sensible cousin here - the UPVC doors are much safer, insulating AND make house insurance a lot cheaper... How do I know? Been looking into it ;) Why? Can you guess??? :D Shhhh! It's a secret on the internet, until proceedings get further and we are more confident we it will *definitely* be ours (eeee!) :D On the plus side, you can get good UPVC doors in all sorts of colours with all sorts of pretty glass patterns and shapes - I've chosen one already! Ha ha!