Monday, 6 September 2010

Antique Typography Posters

Look what I found on our little holiday to West Wales.


These stunning posters are all between 86 and 102 years old, and are absolutely stunning. They were all printed in Cardigan in West Wales.

A selection Now for sale in my little Etsy shop (dusted off after long neglect). 

Visit my Etsy Shop to see a selection of the posters.  There will be more posters to follow over the next few days.


Keith said...

love the resolution of your photos - expensive camerawork for sure. and the pieces are awesome.(:


Anna Betts said...

Oh my goodness these are GORGEOUS! I'm heading to your shop for a gander. So, what happened at the auction? Did you win the piece of mystery Danish furniture????

Elizabeth - Quest Twenty Eight said...

Thanks Keith! It's taken with a Canon EOS 300D SLR, which I'm sure some would consider outdated, but I still love.

Anna, glad you like them, your typographic opinion is valued!

The mystery Danish furniture sadly didn't happen - wrote a little post about it here