Monday, 6 September 2010

Another Landing Strip Soliloquy

So we still don’t have a piece of furniture that will deal with shoes, handbags, keys, mail and other assorted bits and pieces.  I have been searching for a while, .  You may remember me rambling about this topic before here and here. The best I have found so far:

Scott Dorrance via Desire to Inspire.

The shape and weight of this piece is great, however the material and the colour are wrong for our space. This piece of furniture is going to be in our dining room (adjacent to hallway).  The dinins room has a teak dining table and chairs, 7ft teak sideboard, and a few Billy bookcases.  Ergo – no more teak or Ikea.  I have now decided that I will probably have a piece of furniture made.  That way, I get exactly the right size and shape! It’s hopefully going to look something like this:

by emlettartcrafts

Now I need some old floorboards, and a carpenter. To be continued.

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