Monday, 2 August 2010


A friend announced some rather fabulous news recently, and to celebrate we visited Paris!  Once I have a signed release form from the lady in question I can go into more detail, but in the meantime here are some pictures.

Most loveliest tastiest Cocktails ever, in a (very) dark cocktail bar. The Sage Mai Tai was yummy!

Merie.. Meray… Merieres   Meries…. …Can’t remember what it was called, but the boutique shops in that area were fantastic, and they were the only ones open on a Sunday.

Severn bridge on the way back from Bristol Airport.  This is what the Ryder Cup spectators can look forward to in October.  As long as the have Hipstamatic glasses. (significantly less romantic in real life).

Cute Perfume display at Galleries Lafayette.  (Katherine, if you are reading this, this visit was significantly different than our last!  Missed you though!)

After this picture was taken I ended up buying a horsey handbag, and a horsey vintage silver necklace.  Destiny.


Cuties with Croissants.

Things I didn’t take pictures of:  The great meal we had on Friday night (Tuna with white chocolate sauce – glorious!), drinks at the Embassy Gardens, purchases (Horsey leather handbag, vintage silver horse necklace, navy and lime green blazer, yellow and navy tartan blazer, khaki shorts, red print vintage dress and blue leather vintage belt – not all me by the way!), and much more.  Wonderful weekend – Je t’aime Paris.

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