Thursday, 19 August 2010

The blog equivalent of a kick up the posterior


This (rather embarrassingly) is what the hallway has looked like since we moved in.  Granted, the colour patches are recent, but the rest the rest has looked un-loved for a while.

The desire to follow this picture up with a much-improved ‘after’ shot is going to motivate me to decorate. So far I have removed all nails, hooks, and coat pegs, and filled the holes.  (I even got round to putting the winter coats in the attic. In August. Slob).

My brother kindly got rid of the redundant alarm control box and the light fitting, but the next step is the painting of the  monstrous orange stained pine work of the devil woodwork that you can see peeking in on the right of the frame. I don’t much like painting skirting boards….

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