Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Appreciating my bathroom

Over lunch yesterday my friend Laura and I were discussing how we would love to have a driveway or garage of our own, and live in a semi detached (or even detached!) house with side accecss to an expansive garden.  We were bemoaning our lack of tumble dryers and dishwashers, generally feeling sorry for ourselves.  After a few minutes of complaining, Laura remarked ‘do you think maybe we’re just being greedy?’ .

Fair point.  To that end, I am posting some pictures of the rooms in my house that are not quite how I want them to be yet.  Instead of going on about the bits I don’t like, I am going to enjoy the parts I do!

This is one of the walls in our strangely large bathroom.  These photos are all shots taken by Anthony and myself on various holidays.  I always really look forward to selecting which images are going to join the wall!  I currently have two frames ready and waiting to be filled.  There is space for at least another 8 photos!

From top left to right:  Krakow, Valencia, Llandudno, Sagunto, Krakow, Valencia.  If and when my brother gets round to saving all the data from my old hard drive I will post the originals. The light brown frames are your standard fare Ikea, the dark brown ‘rustic’ look frames are from Wilkinson’s. Bargain. I spotted these when inventorying a beautiful 5 bedroom barn conversion in my previous job, and the owner kindly admitted that they are Wilkos ‘wood effect’. 

Also, meet the newest member of the family:


I was given a lovely evergreen bush in a pot by my brother last November. He lasted until end of July before biting the dust due to overwatering. Lets see how long this one lasts (both plant and pot from Ikea).

Here’s to enjoying what you have!

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