Sunday, 25 July 2010

In Case you were wondering…

….where I’ve been:

This trip was back in March – it was glorious! Skiing in Arabba, Italy. This was the cutest Hutte!  I went a bit crazy over the Utia Bamby sign.  It’s made of solid pine, painted in a white matte paint.  So beautiful and tactile.  I need it for my hallway.

Brother Jimbob and me in front of impressive Cliffs at top of black slope.  I would like to add that I am not as short as this picture makes me look. (NB most of our family refused to ski with us due to ridiculously coloured ski pants.)

Yes, a few drinks were consumed that evening.

Ladies, he is single.  6’1”, 24 year old athletic and spontaneous Electrician with a penchant for beer, travelling and American Football, would like to meet intelligent female, 20 – 28 yr old.  Must have an opinion and be prepared to spend Sunday nights watching NFL.  Interest in Golf or Skiing preferred.


Father! (Drinking Franziskaner?! No! Must have been Erdinger in a Franziskaner Glass.)


  This picture makes me happy.


Fun family golf holiday in the Algarve.

Moi at Quinta do Lago.  Beautiful place!

Anthony at Quinta Do Lago.  How I caught this photo with my iPhone I still don’t know. 

More Quinta Do Lago.  If you haven’t tried the Hipstamatic iPhone app yet – do it!


You’ll never guess where the next one was taken.  If you ever want to write a book about patriotism, this is the place to do your research. 

iphone dump 184

iphone dump 191 Abe!  This memorial is stunning.  My brother William is a big Abe fan; I called and read him the  ‘Four score and seven years ago…’ Gettysburg address from the wall of the memorial. 

iphone dump 192 It was hot hot hot the entire time out there.  Around and over 100 Degrees for almost two weeks.  I didn’t really compute this into  Centigrade until the end of the trip – it’s pretty hot! (again – loving Hipstamatic!)

iphone dump 213

I managed to drive on the other side of the road without damaging anyone or anything.

America is also the home of the biggest Jacket Potato ever seen.  Check out this bad boy!


There was a promise never to mention this potato again, but I’ve broken that promise.  Thanks to Jason’s Deli for presenting us with the opportunity to watch a colleague consume this one sitting.  Kudos!

Hoping to have the chance to do a bit more posting in the near future.

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