Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I’m back from a fantastic holiday, am refreshed, spent some really nice time with my family.   A holiday always helps me to feel that my mind has been cleared up a bit (more on the holiday later in the week)

Whilst on said holiday I re-read My Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland.


(image via www.blue-chi.com)

The cover is stunning.  I originally read it in my first year in Uni, borrowed off my neighbour Lucy.  I then bought it myself, specifically hunting for this cover – it’s far more pretty in real life, with lovely bronze shiny bits.  (I also bought all of Douglas Coupland’s other books, and have continued to do so. I can’t recommend them enough). 


I struggled to explain to Anthony what the book is about, and that’s kind of the beauty of the book in my opinion.  It’s got something to do with this though:


(via Basically Anything That is Awesome)

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Anonymous said...

So great! Thinking I should print this out and give it to the kids whenever they complain.