Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hipstamatic iPhone App

I just discovered this iPhone app via The Paper Pony, and unless I write it crudely, I’m just not going to be able to express it right:  this app is AWESOME!!! !

Best £1.19 I spent in a while.  The basic idea of the Hipstamatic App is to re-capture (pun intended!) the lovely effects of the analogue camera, which many would now consider obsolete.  You get chose from a range of lenses, flash and film options, and depending on your combinations it produces different effects.  If you get bored of the 2 flash, 3 film and 3 lens options you can always purchase additional packs, for a maximum of 336 different combinations.  See all of those combinations here, and check out the Flickr Group here.


NB If you haven’t been to Asda to pick up your obligatory bunch or two of daffodils yet– you should – even if you don’t live in Wales - another bargain at 99p each.

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