Thursday, 18 March 2010

What to do it you buy ridiculously coloured ski pants and can’t find a matching hat

I purchased some coral coloured ski pants, in the sale.  They were a bit small, but after some serious visits to the gym, and a reduction in the outrageous amount of biscuits and cakes consumed at work recently, they now fit.  Huzzah.

Today I ordered one of these cute hats, in coral and white, to match said pants. It’s going to be a (hopefully) matching shade of coral, with white patterns. Now I just need to get a white coat.  And we leave next Friday. Tall order!

Custom made/knit/knitted RETRO/ VINTAGE STYLE snowflake bobble ski hat- NEW TO ORDER- CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLOURS

Custom made hat by ERW64

Pants look like this, but a bit more orange.


Obermayer Ski Pants

The coat I have in mind is this one:

Sugar Womens Miltaex Ski Jacket by Tog 24

So if you ever end up buying ski pants in a stupid colour, you now know where to go for a hat.  I’ll be sure to show you the hat in the flesh when it arrives.

As a side note on the subject of impending holidays; you may be able to ascertain from the tone of this post that I’m getting just a little bit excited at the following prospects:

a) Holiday!

b) being in the mountains

c) seeing my family

d) watching Anthony fall on his bum whilst learning to ski.  (payback for all the golf lessons were I look like a lunatic swinging a metal stick).

1 week to go!

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