Thursday, 11 March 2010

Landing Strip – or another excuse to buy furniture

I’ve been harking on about a landing strip ever since we moved in, just over two years ago.  Anthony likes to keep his wallet, keys and strange little notes in a pile on the kitchen counter.  We do have a useful wicker stand for organising the mail (below), however I am firmly of the opinion that there is something to be said for the whole landing strip concept.


Flata storage rack

Part of the Apartment Therapy Seasonal Cure, the landing strip is the place to dump all of your bits and pieces when you get home.  Think keys, phones, mail, bags, umbrella etc etc. (I just noticed there’s the Spring Cure starting in 5 days, perhaps I should part take!)

On Sunday we finally bought a kitchen table – we accepted that we hardly ever make the effort to eat at our lovely dining table, with it being at least a 20 foot hike from the kitchen to the dining room.  We now have a lovely little white kitchen table:


melltorpMelltorp table

Despite my meticulous planning and measuring the table looks a little big for the space.  The solution – buy new stools.  (that’s for another post and another day!)


In a round about way (much like this post), the table led to me bringing up the old landing strip again.  While we have an entry hallway, it’s pretty narrow, and just about houses our coats.  Plus Anthony assures me that it’s not particularly safe to keep keys so close to the front door. After a bit of imaginary mounting of shelves all over the kitchen, Anthony pointed out the big space under the stairs in the living room.  You walk past this space on your way into the kitchen.  It’s quite spacious, and currently houses some golf clubs, and an Oak telephone I’ve been planning to make over, but never get around to. 

So, long story short, I have an excuse to go vintage furniture hunting again!  Hoorah!  This piece of furniture will live under the stairs, and solve the landing strip problem.  We’ve figured that we need a unit, approximately 120cm high x 120cm wide.  It needs to match our G Plan Coffee Table, and in my opinion needs to have lots of compartments and sections to house all of our junk.  I spent a glorious hour this evening browsing ebay on my phone while Anthony watched that tedious sport involving lots of arrogant, overpaid men and a white and black ball. The contenders at the moment:



And even more lovely compartments:


And then there is this one – all i can say is ooh!   It’s a little to slim for our space, and would look drowned. It’s only 10.5 inches deep, and absolutely perfect for a hallway. 



Starting price of only £29.00, 9 days remaining. collection from Suffolk.  Someone buy this bad boy and make the perfect teak landing strip for yourself!  If you’re thinking the teak colour is a bit icky, just look at the colour and patina on the inside on the photo above – glorious.  With a little bit of love the outside could be restored to the same colour.

To be continued!

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