Sunday, 24 January 2010

YoYo Garland

I blogged about this before, but today I took some better pictures.  I’m actually really pleased with this garland, and it didn’t take that much time to make.  One of the most fun parts was chosing the fabrics.  I still have a huge stash of remnants waiting to be yoyo-fied.  These little yoyos are pretty versatile.  They can be made into ornaments, present toppers, hair clips, brooches…..

The best tutorial I found online is here, by Heather Bailey.

If you have some fabric remnants lying around why not have a go.  I would advise a mix of patternered and plain fabrics, and I would try to stick to one colour scheme (something I intially found very difficult!).  Also worth noting, the yoyos look very different once they are in shape, you won’t recognise the pattern on the fabric.  This means it’s a great way to use up the boring floral patterned fabric sitting in your draw.  Have fun!

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