Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Quest Twenty Eight iPhone Wallpapers

This weekend I created six iPhone wallpapers, inspired by vintage fabric patterns.

These are free for anyone to  use, so if you think you might like to, follow my (very comprehensive) instructions at the end of the post.

iphone working draft Kiwi & Teal


WebAtomic Chocolate


WebAtomic Palm Tree


WebAtomic Strawberry


iphone working draftAsphalt & Cherry


iphone working draftPowder & Purple

Comprehensive Instructions

  • Scroll to the wallpaper you like, right click it, select ‘View Image’ or ‘Open image in new tab’.
  • Go to the new tab, right click the image again, select ‘Save As’.
  • Save the image somewhere obvious – you’ll need to find it again in a moment.
  • Now navigate to your email account (the one you have synched on your iPhone!).  Attach the image you just saved to an email and email it to yourself.
  • Using your iPhone, open the email, wait for the image to show.  Tap it once, and then tap ‘Save Image’.
  • Still on the iPhone, go back to your home screen, select the Photos.  The wallpaper will have saved in your ‘Camera Roll’.  Find the wallpaper, tap it once, then tap the little arrow icon in the bottom left corner. Select ‘Use as Wallpaper’  then ‘Set Wallpaper’.  You’re done!

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