Monday, 18 January 2010

Etsy Top Ten iPhone cases (+1)

After much to-ing and fro-ing I finally capitulated and got an iPhone.  I’m definitely not regretting it! Next, the all important decision – which case do I buy?  I’ve crocheted 3 so far, but feel I need a wide range to suit my moods

Here’s a round up of all my favourite iPhone Cases. 


iphone sleeve by houseoftnt $19.00


Doogtooth pattern leather iphone case by tovicorrie $38.00


Moustache iPhone Cozy by yummypocket $22.00


OWL IPOD TOUCH Case by EvelynX

iphone 3

Iphone Case – Wool Felt and Leather by byrdandbelle $19.00


Orange Monster Mr Domo kun by craftingwithlove $18.00



Special Edition iPod case in Seafoam Green by onaroll $16.00


Deco iphone sleeve by houseoftnt $17.00


Cute Pig iPod Case by Sydney Angel $25.00


Laura the elephant Iphone Leather Case by leatherprince $37.50. (if you like this one there are 50 designs and colour combinations to chose from. 50!)


Tall Pouch – Horse on Floral Linen by TrackandFieldDesigns $22.00


Obviously i’m still completely undecided.  I may have to set aside an annual budget, and contain my new compulsion to one iPhone case purchase a month.  More on the crocheted versions another time.

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Biba said...

I love the green knitted one and the horse one i have in my etsy faves!