Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 Diary Disappointment

I was planning a post about resolutions and New Years thoughts, but am now instead overcome by the need to vent:

After several hours of trawling the Internet I have accepted the fact that I cannot find the perfect diary for 2010.

Last year I searched and searched, and around June gave up. This year I was adamant that I would find the perfect diary and not procrastinate! So after hunting through every online shop in the UK (and several in Europe), I have established that the perfect diary does not exist, and have settled for an acceptable alternative.

There was a brief moment of promise, I though the Holy Grail was within reach, but was disappointed. As seen on Wee Birdy , Shelf in London have (had) a lovely selection, but alas! they are not available online.

The one I eventually chose (Paperchase, available here, image via amazon.co.uk) is not offensive, and the size and layout actually suit me well - I'm planning to note down brief thoughts, To Do's, lists, inspirations and reminders at the end of each day.

I promise more inspirational (and less whiney) posts for 2010, but for now I'm off to bed to dream about anything but diaries!

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Sofluid said...

I'm a fan of Moleskine diaries - wonderful little books!