Wednesday, 1 December 2010

UK Vintage Etsy Seller – Restless General Store

Sometimes, when trawling ebay hurts my poor longsighted eyes too much, I like to enjoy the edited contents of online Vintage stores.  One of them is The Restless General Store on Etsy. Here are some of my favourite items:

trio of oil on board studies - the natural worldTrio of oil on board paintings – The Natural World (I might still buy these before finishing this post – lovely!)

two glass specimen jarsTwo Glass Specimen Jars

pair of copper wire basketsTwo Copper Wire Baskets

All the items are beautifully photographed, and the contents of the shop give it a carefully curated feel. The good news is: As the seller is UK based, you are easily in time for some Christmas Shopping!

Friday, 26 November 2010


You may remember my post about the pineapple belt, so you can image how excited I am about this one. 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Introducing… Jenson Hobson (aka the naughty cat)

After much deliberation, we adopted a cat!

He’s 10 years old, and a monster.  He’s extremely intelligent, and is keeping us on our toes.  There was us, thinking we would have a quiet, sleepy cat. 

He is also lovely, and very friendly.  He’s house-bound at the moment, but next weekend he’ll be having his first Blaenavon outing.  We’re pretty sure he’ll be able to hold his own with Blaenavon cats.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Paris, Neige & Mariage

   Oh. OH!!! This is my absolute favourite Paris picture EVER!!! I. Love. This. 
   And I believe I have proven my point about kmelv, from whom I reblogged this. I must add three million tags, though, so all the world will see it and it will be posted on Tumblr again. kmelv deserves 10,000 followers JUST FOR THIS ONE PICTURE ALONE.

Guess where my friend Laura and I are going on Friday! The sole purpose of this visit is to procure one of these:

For this glamorous (now Parisian) lady:

There will most likely be some of this too:

And according to the forecast there is going to be some of this:

So I am packing lots of warm clothes in my tiny hand luggage bag. Wish us luck on the dress hunt!

Images: I dont think Prada is the Answer / Rosa Clara / Zagatbuzz / Mr Ullmi

Brass is now officially accepted

I recently made the executive decision that brass is awesome.  I think it was largely due to this trunk, as seen on The Brick House.

Ever since then I’ve had brass on the brain. I spent hours trawling flickr, ebay and online hardware stores looking for some brass handles for a new piece of furniture.  About 12 pages through Flickr I stumbled across exactly the handles I was looking for.

It took me several seconds to realise that that is actually a picture of my sideboard.  I knew I’d seen those handles somewhere! Doh.

Some Brass Porn for your delectation:

Vintage Piano Lamp with Music NoteBrass Music Note Lamp (I want to polish it!)

vintage brass filigree cuff braceletVintage Brass Filigree Cuff (if you’re not allergic)

Brass Deer

Vintage Seashell Clam Bookends BrassBookends

70s HOLLYWOOD REGENCY Hammered BRASS URN Table LAMPSHammered Brass Lamp

Folk Horse (Vintage Brass)The most awesome brass horse ever (I just bought this, and have tears in my eyes with joy. No joke.)

Vintage Brass CandelabraCandelabra

Do you concur?  I’m off to buy some Brasso.

Images via The Brick House / Me.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas Farm Animal Bunting

Chistmas Farm Animal Bunting

10 out of 10 for awesomeness. Christmas Farm Animal Bunting.  According to the listing, ‘these animals are excited to find a place for this coming Xmas.’

The duck is unbearably cute!

Oh Comely Magazine

I recently subscribed to this rather special magazine: Oh Comely.

One Year Subscription


This magazine is written for people who are bored of reading about celebrities, or re-reading the same stories over and over again. (at least that’s my interpretation.  From their website:

‘It's a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things, rather than buy stuff or lose weight. Imagine sitting down with a cup of tea and a creative friend to hear all the strange things she says, all the curious stuff she does, and about the things she loves.’

The last issue was my first, and it arrived with actual stamps on the front of the package.  It was somehow nice to think of someone actually sticking them on. 

Issue 4 is out on 16th December.  The magazine is issued bi-monthly, and the annual subscription costs £18.00.  Perhaps one to add to your Christmas Wish List.

Text and image from Oh Comely.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Rainbow Pony Fabric

Franco Rabazzo

Be You… Print

Be You...

I recently put together a round-up of potential prints for my friend Laura’s Living Room.  How about this one! Be You… by Yumalum.  I have been trying to shop locally as much as possible, and this seller, like us, is based in sunny South Wales!

The proprietor of Yumalum is also the author of the rather delectable blog obsessilicious, where I often head for some chair-ogling.

Quest Twenty Eight re-design

If you visited this site over the last few days you might have notices some strange goings on with the colours and layout.  After some serious ‘mucking about’ I’m finally happy with the result.  Before getting there I went on a bit of a journey. Here are some of the high (and low) lights:

sputnik 1


Mug header amd

reader fancy

  tablecloth fancy

floral 70s fancy

70s fancy

I also had a glorious plan involving a golden, crushed velvet, button back sofa, but i-stock wanted almost £14 for the image! Pfft!  If you have such a sofa, I will pay you in tea to for close ups.

I’m still not entirely happy with the sidebar layout, but it’s late, so I conceded for today.  Let me know what you think – prefer the mug header? I think I might….

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir at Asda?

Pomegranate Noir  Family Image

Jo Malone

I was once gifted a wonderful Jo Malone candle, and have ever since adored the Pomegranate Noir scent.  I can’t pass a Jo Malone store without going in for a whiff. 

I was quite surprised when I entered my parent’s house last week to find that it sniffed wonderfully of Pomegranate Noir. After much exclaiming and jealousy on my behalf it emerged that it was actually an Air Freshener, purchased at everyone’s favourite green supermarket, Asda! 

I’ve never been quite willing to spend £38 on the Jo Malone candle.  The (very small) bargain conscious side of me is delighted that Asda’s new limited edition room fragrance, Snowberries and Warm Spice, smells rather similar (at least to my unschooled nose).  At £2 each, I will most definitely be stocking up on these refills.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cowhide Rugs

Jeremy & Kathleen

I saw one of these beauties in TK Maxx, and am seriously considering one. 

Bullyproof Vest


We currently have a lovely Kilim with pink and aubergine tones, but I’ve found a spot for that one on the landing now.


What do you think, Moo or no Moo?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Local Blog Give-Away

Lilies and Daisies

The lovely Anna of Lilies & Daisies is hosting Give-Away.  Stop by here to enter. You can also visit her shop here to see her goodies – stocking fillers abound!

Anna is local to me, so for me it’s buying handmade, and shopping locally. Beat that!

Design Conscious Cat Litter Tray

If you’re looking for a litter tray that won’t be an eyesore in your home, how about these rather stylish options:

Booda Dome Designer Litter Tray

Booda Cleanstep Litter Tray – what cat wouldn’t love their own winding staircase, even if it only leads to the toilet.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lamp Love

Scratch what I said before, this is what I would like for my birthday. Stilnovo lamp – she’s a looker.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Next Saturday I will be 21 for the sixth time!  As requested by several family members, I’ve put together a birthday wish list.  I already have more than I could have hope for, but here goes anyhow:Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

Burt's Bees Facial Wash (in fact, anything by Burt’s Bees – the bulk purchase I made in the US earlier this year is running out)

No zoom image available

Wall Book Shelf in White by Conran Shop.

Portfolio Jeans by M&S.


Green linen vintage doily pillow with kapok

Doily Pillow

Green vintage army blanket cushion with kapok, 12 x 12

Army Blanket Cushion

Cabin Chic Pillow Cover made with Oregons' own Pendleton Wool 16x16


Cabin Chic Pillow Cover made with Oregons' Pendleton Wool16x16

Cabin Chic Pillow (I am aware that this is quickly turning into a cushion post, but I’m on a roll!)

Speaking of cushions, remember this one?

Large image

White Horse cushion, previously featured.

Tea for One Lime Green 12oz

I’m not entirely sure how this works, but I’m sure I need one for work, so I can drink loose leaf tea there too.  Tea for one.

Royal Air Force Tea

Oolong Refill Pouch

And of course, Tea to go with it. Rare Tea Company.

You're My Favourite Hello - small

Hello necklace.

Tiny sterling silver heart stacking ring

Tiny Heart stacking ring.

I’m not going to say much about this item, it’s still at the negotiation stage. More tomorrow!