Saturday, 5 December 2009

More manly gifts

Tada! I think I may have found the perfect man gift. Distressed brown and light blue key ring by jeeta. Visit jeeta's etsy shop here to admire the great items and lovely photography.

Friday, 4 December 2009

2010 Calendar

I'm currently trying to get my Christmas shopping done, and during my web travels I came across this brilliant 2010 desk calendar. Unfortunately, this calendar isn't suitable for any of my friends or family, but maybe you know someone? 2010 Desktop Calendar by coriemarie

Video Games Live

we just got back from watching Video Games Live at Cardiff International Arena. It was amazing! The multi media goodness inspired me to be extra adventurous, and to that end I am writing this blog post from Anthony's phone - which is why I'm not able to actually link anything for you.

My PC is currently undergoing a facelift; and once my IT savvy siblings get it working again
Ill be back with some Christmassy posts..