Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Binary Rap

Another unusual Christmas gift idea (and stupendously awesome etsy find):
A robot sculpture - how have you lived so long without one! These little fellas are all really brilliant, each with its own personality.

Love You Lot Bot
(unfortunately already sold! oh no! I hope he went to a good home)

Curly Bot (still looking for a home!)

Morning bicycle also sells infant and toddler clothing. You may see the Robot theme continued!

6-12 months Infant baby Boy Button down shirt

For more robot themed fun visit morning bicycle here

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

And for Christmas I gave him Socks...

I'm sure most people would agree - it's not easy to buy Christmas gifts for men. In my opinion this is because, in most cases, their gender automatically eliminates most gift categories. Bags and Accessories - out. Beauty Products - out. Quirky Stationary - out. Ornaments - out. Scented Candles - out. That leaves you with one category only - Functional Gifts. Great! (This may be a bit of an over-simplification, but you get the idea!)

I am graced with multiple family members of the male persuasion, and have decided to attack the 'gifts for men' conundrum this year. I'm sure you'll be seeing some of my research featured here over the coming weeks.

This suggestion i just love! These prints are by nativevermont, available on etsy.

There are lots of other lovely pieces of original art, and prints, such as this Graphic Art Collage:
Browse the Etsy shop for lots more beautiful art - maybe something will be just right for the impossible blokes in your life.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pencil Full Of Lead

Have you seen the video for Paolo Nutini's song Pencil Full Of Lead? So cute. I'm off to buy some yellow ribbon!

Christmas YoYo Fun

Last Christmas I had a lot more time, and got around to quite a few little christmassy projects, like my upcycled heart ornaments (above). I also made a Advent Calendar Tree, which, apparently, I did not photograph.

This year it looks like I'll be condensing the holiday crafting, but hope to be able to spend at least two days on it. Next Saturday has been set aside, and I was looking for something fun and easy to craft. My unsuspecting friend Lorna is coming over, and we're going to have a go at creating some yoyo christmas garlands and ornaments.

A yoyo is a circular fabric thingy that was originally popular in America between 1920 - 1940. These were used to create quilts.

This weekend I raided our local Alladdin's Cave of fabric remnants, and came home with the following loot:

The colours aren't that christmassy, but never mind!

A quick search of Flickr will show you some of the lovely things other people have created with yoyos. Here's a garland by Heather from Hello My Name is Heather. Heather also published a fantastic tutorial on making yoyos here.

A garland in more traditionally Christmassy colours by Bee Wise Bags.

Image by Bee Wise Bags
Yoyos also look lovely appliqued, for example on these lovely rustic looking stockings, available from Milkpod Studio.

I'll post some pictures of results next week!