Saturday, 3 October 2009

New Boots On

Image via butyk

It's getting chilly outside round here, and boot season is definitely upon us. Yesterday I purchased some rather nice brown cowboy boots. Pleased as punch I brought my goodies home, only to discover that the shade of brown matches virtually nothing in my Wardrobe. I have a brown/black snake print dress I was hoping to wear them with, but it clashes horrible. The boots look quite nice with a Monsoon denim skirt I own, but are otherwise completely incompatible.

So I headed over to Polyvore to try out some ideas. I had never used Polyvore before, but have now been converted. Easy to use, you can browse items by colour, and import clips of clothes you own.

Sadly the boots are the only part of this outfit I own, but dreaming never hurts.

New Boots ON

Shoe Candy

The current change of season is provoking this intense desire within me to shop for clothes. Whilst these shoes from Boden may not be particularly seasonal, they are undisputably fantastic. (Oh wait, they sell a seasonal Christmassy version too! hoorah!)

The Shoe Candy doesn't end there - behold these puppies:

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better:
How will I decide! Woe!

To indulge in some serious Shoe Candy visit boden here.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Late Night Shopping

Today was what I would call a 'proper' Sunday. We slept late, ate something lovely involving eggs and ham, watched the Grand Prix, caught up on house work, and had dinner with good friends. I'm rounding off the weekend with some late-night shopping:

Wanted Limited Edition Screen Print by The Yellow House on Folksy. I'm looking forward to hanging this in the kitchen already! (Coming up next week: 'How I finally Solved the Kitchen Table Conundrum', and other riveting posts.)