Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chimneys and Beermats

Image by GreekVicar

Today we had our chimney swept, again. After we rudely removed their lofty abode from our chimney last December, our pet Jackdaws decided it was time to recommence their fortifications. Over the last week or so, it's been raining down our chimney: Large amount of twigs, scrap paper, rusty pipes, large shards of glass, bits of stale bread. Lovely. (The sound of the glass shards dropping onto the ceramic tiles at 7am certainly got the adrenalin going.)

The friendly neighbourhood chimney sweep informed us that when you see the brush sticking out of the top of the chimney, you can make a wish. So once he had gotten through all of the bits of nest, he summoned us outside, where we shone torches at the chimney and made a wish.

Tomorrow he is fitting a bird guard over the chimney pot, so we will be bird free from now on! If we had waited a few weeks longer we would have had to leave the jackdaws to their home, in case they had laid eggs)

As if my free chimney-wish wasn't enough good luck for one day, I also stumbled across these on ebay today (and won the auction):

I was actually looking for a ceramic coaster for my desk at work and completely fell in love with the 1950's cardboard coasters. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. Any suggestions? (Also - I still haven't found a decent ceramic coaster!)

I'm currently trying to figure out if the chimney wish & the ebay win weigh up the fact that our chimney antics have been quite costly, and that my car's gear box has decided to break.

Also, thanks to everyone who has been commenting recently - I'm sorry for being a tardy blogger. I'm still adjusting to my new routine, and will hopefully be back in action soon. The new job is going well, thank you for your well wishes.