Friday, 9 January 2009

Dodo Tastic

Also on sale on the MUJI Website: Press out Dodo (as featured in Livingetc a few months ago) for £6.00. My finger is hovering over the 'Add to Cart' button. If I do buy this little chap, I think I'll give him a coat of purple paint.

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Muji Walnut Thermometer

This beautiful Walnut Thermometer is currently on sale at Muji. You can shop online here. I really wish this was a clock, but I guess a thermometer is pretty useful too (The one in my car provides a constant conversation topic).

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Raindrops Home Illustration

Yesterday I spent a joyous hour playing around with a design for a Key Rack. I'm not quite sure how it's going to be put together yet, but it's going to be about A5 in size and include some hooks for keys. This is my first step towards organising our hallway. I keep reading (in blogland) how important the entry way to a home is, and how the first impression of a home is the most important.

I have also been (sub)consciously influenced by Apartment Therapy's 'Eight Step Home Cure'. One of the Eight Steps is to create a 'Landing Strip'.

"The Landing Strip is the filter between the inside and outside world, and healthy, thoughtful intake is just as important as all of the purging we've done so far. Honor that process by creating a space that makes you stop and center yourself before leaving your home, and also allows room to mentally and literally unburden yourself when you come in." (Source: Apartment

We definitely need one of these. At the moment, the top of our Microwave acts as a Mail centre, and the kitchen table as a general dumping ground. (To be found there at the moment: Pile of (clean) towels, box of firelighters, extension lead, handbag, magazines, receipts. - Perhaps I should be tidying not blogging)

I digress, back to our hallway. It's small and dark, with navy blue carpet, yellow walls, and stained pine woodwork. It also has a wall mounted control box for an alarm system that no longer works, and a messy looking fuse box). Not the welcoming, calming space I would like it to be. So this illustration is the first, tentative step towards a functional hallway with a functioning 'landing strip'. (Wish me luck!)

Which of the three do you like best? I can never decide.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

'The Man Who Couldn't Cry' Children's Book

Scotty Reifsnyder has created a stunning children's book based on the lyrics of Johnny Cash's song 'The Man Who Couldn't Cry'. The artwork is beautiful, and as a huge Johnny Cash fan I was delighted to find this. One of the reasons I like Johnny Cash's music so much is the story like quality of the songs. They somehow feel mythical, and I can understand how Scotty Reifsnyder was inspired to create this book.

If you visit his website here, you can also see the award winning animation he created to go with the book. (And hear the song!)
As seen on Design Milk
Images via See Scotty

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ian Nolan

Photographer Ian Nolan sent me this stunning photo today, which will be appearing in this month's issue of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Magazine. I'm looking forward to seeing in what context it is set in. (From an interior design standpoint, wouldn't this make an excellent alternative to a landing strip - for your keys and mail etc?)

Image Copyright Ian Nolan

Ian's portfolio is definately worth checking out. I love the combination of the comparatively calm still lifes with bright colours. (Check out the collection of Pestle &Mortars in 'Portfolio 1'.)

***Thanks Ian!

New Years Resolutions


I've been meaning to post since I returned from my holiday, but have been quite busy, and have already broken my New Years resolution to 'seize the day'. So, inspired (or shamed) by Biba from Inspiration Bubble, who has been posting like a firecracker today, I'm finally getting around to writing this.

Our New Years holiday in Germany was wonderful. We spent a lot of time with family, and squeezed in the following (amongst other things):

  • A days skiing (with glorious sunshine)
  • A visit to BMW World in Munich (finally I understand why people care so much about cars - they're nice!)
  • A fondue, a raclette, hare and venison, Feuerzangenbowle and a lot of Red Wine.(My clothes no longer fit)
  • Lots of Poker and Uno (I actually won at Poker once - this is completely unheard of, my brother James usually cleans up)
  • A shopping trip to Munich (There is a shop that sells felt. Just felt. Heaven!)
  • The cutting up and crocheting of a green silk shirt, into a hat.
  • Jewellery Making with my step mum (as the only other female present it was just me that took part. For some reason none of the boys were interested)
  • A wonderful countryside walk. (Photo above).
New Years Eve we spent in the centre of Munich, where lawlessness broke out at midnight. Lots of drunk people, with lots of fireworks = chaos. My brother James got hit in the head by a rocket. Thankfully it just bounced off and didn't hurt him, but it was pretty scary. (After that we hid in the doorway of an apartment building until it subsided a little. Unsurprisingly, ambulances and the fire service arrived shortly after.

This picture shows my favourite part of BMW World. It's a corridor in the museum, and I realise that it doesn't actually include any cars, but the light is amazing!

As far as Quest Twenty Eight in 2009 goes, I'm trying to set myself some concrete goals, but haven't even managed that yet. I'm debating with myself whether to continue with my Word of the Day Posts. In retrospect I enjoyed putting them together, but I'm pretty sure my step dad is the only one who appreciates them. Perhaps I'll just post them when the fancy takes me. (I just realized I am the master of my own blog, muahaha!)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that 2009 is being nice to you so far.
(Today I had the worst, and shortest, job interview ever. It lasted about 3 minutes, and they didn't ask me a single question. Needless to say I didn't get the job! 2009 is not my friend yet :)