Sunday, 23 August 2009


Image by ordinaryfool

The hills surrounding us here are currently covered in the most beautiful heather, much like in the picture above. Hopefully I'll get a chance this week to take some pictures.

Initially I was hoping to get some potted heather, but through the powers of google I discovered that these plants aren't really suited to pots and indoor living. So I am contenting myself with oggling heather coloured things on Etsy, such as:

Collective Names of Animals T Shirt by xenotees

Raw Edge large leather bag by valhallabrooklyn (I really love this bag - there is something very luxurious about purple leather)

Under my wing print by carambatack

Perhaps it's the overcast sky, but I am feeling decidedly autumnal today - an odd thing considering we haven't gotten round to summer yet. That however, shall be remedied shortly. In a weeks time we will be setting off on holiday, and according the the Formula 1 Grand Prix commentators, it was 31 Degrees in Valencia today - Summer here I come!

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Anna Betts said...

Ooh what a lovely colour! We saw lots of heather on our trip to Loch Ness. And, I've just listed a new painting of my dream alpine scenery, I'm glad you like the last one, I must do some purply heather-covered mountains next! :)