Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow, snow and more snow

Like lots of other people around the country, we've had a lot of snow in the last few days. At first it was fun to be snowed in, but after 5 days stuck on top of a **** mountain, we're starting to get major cabin fever! My Dad has offered to send us some proper winter tyres from Germany (where they are vastly better equipped to deal with this white seasonal hazard). Here are a few pictures with descriptions: (lots of photos - sorry if loading is slow!)

This is the pathway that leads from our house to the main road. It's paved in beautifully coloured slate. Children have been using it as a toboggan run all week, which gives me the heebee jeebies, because the main road is just at the bottom. (DANGER!)

This is our back 'garden'. If you're wondering what on earth that cast iron thing is, join the club! I found it in the coal shed of our house. It's a solid cast iron Candle holder thingy. It must have originally come from a church. I tried to use it as a decorative Christmas feature, but it just made our dining room look like Dracula's lair, so it's been banned to the back yard.

This is picture is evidence of Anthony depositing snow into our house. I quote: 'It doesn't matter, the radiator will dry it really quick'. It didn't dry it quick enough to stop me getting wet socks when I took my boots off. Tsk tsk :)

Picture of the golf course (Anthony's place of work). Unsurprisingly the course is closed. The mountain/large hill you see in the background is the Blorenge. We live just the other side of the peak. (If you ever need a word that rhymes with orange, you have one! You'll thank me one day.)

So today it rained most of the day, and we were hopeful that some of the snow would be washed away, and we could actually park on our street, and drive places and stuff. However, the rain just turned into snow. We've already had 1 inch, and the BBC weather promises us up to 6 inches over night. Hoorah.

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Anonymous said...

Crikey, that's even more snow than we've had in Bristol! My sister-in-law lives near Blorenge so they must have been snowed in too. Hope you enjoyed throwing snowballs!