Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Feeling Shiny

This evening we went on a little impromptu shopping trip to TKMaxx, and I purchased this bag. Mine is exactly the same shape as this one, but minus the python-style embossing. (You can see it here). It's covered canvas, and it's lovely and shiny. It's also large enough to fit A4 folders and my shiny work laptop. (At the moment I'm juggling it all around in various canvas bags - messy).

Image via Macy's.


Alison said...

Ooh, that's nice. I do like a big bag. My new one from moop is delightful. I'm such a bag person, much more than shoes - are you?

Biba said...

Loving the bag! Hope your new job is going well :)

Elizabeth said...

I like bags better than shoes because they don't hurt!!

I keep trying to be a person that wears high heals all the time, but whatever I do, i just seem to gravitate towards Clarks shoes. (which are really quite nice if you ask me!) :)