Thursday, 8 January 2009

Raindrops Home Illustration

Yesterday I spent a joyous hour playing around with a design for a Key Rack. I'm not quite sure how it's going to be put together yet, but it's going to be about A5 in size and include some hooks for keys. This is my first step towards organising our hallway. I keep reading (in blogland) how important the entry way to a home is, and how the first impression of a home is the most important.

I have also been (sub)consciously influenced by Apartment Therapy's 'Eight Step Home Cure'. One of the Eight Steps is to create a 'Landing Strip'.

"The Landing Strip is the filter between the inside and outside world, and healthy, thoughtful intake is just as important as all of the purging we've done so far. Honor that process by creating a space that makes you stop and center yourself before leaving your home, and also allows room to mentally and literally unburden yourself when you come in." (Source: Apartment

We definitely need one of these. At the moment, the top of our Microwave acts as a Mail centre, and the kitchen table as a general dumping ground. (To be found there at the moment: Pile of (clean) towels, box of firelighters, extension lead, handbag, magazines, receipts. - Perhaps I should be tidying not blogging)

I digress, back to our hallway. It's small and dark, with navy blue carpet, yellow walls, and stained pine woodwork. It also has a wall mounted control box for an alarm system that no longer works, and a messy looking fuse box). Not the welcoming, calming space I would like it to be. So this illustration is the first, tentative step towards a functional hallway with a functioning 'landing strip'. (Wish me luck!)

Which of the three do you like best? I can never decide.


Michelle Goode said...

I like the second and third! I think the second is most stylish though both as a feature for the hallway as an image, and it also lends itself well for the key-hanging... Might I suggest you offset the hooks parallel with the line of raindrops?

Daisie said...

Personally, I like the last one, the letters are great covered in the rain drops and they look really crisp against the blue.