Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Years Resolutions


I've been meaning to post since I returned from my holiday, but have been quite busy, and have already broken my New Years resolution to 'seize the day'. So, inspired (or shamed) by Biba from Inspiration Bubble, who has been posting like a firecracker today, I'm finally getting around to writing this.

Our New Years holiday in Germany was wonderful. We spent a lot of time with family, and squeezed in the following (amongst other things):

  • A days skiing (with glorious sunshine)
  • A visit to BMW World in Munich (finally I understand why people care so much about cars - they're nice!)
  • A fondue, a raclette, hare and venison, Feuerzangenbowle and a lot of Red Wine.(My clothes no longer fit)
  • Lots of Poker and Uno (I actually won at Poker once - this is completely unheard of, my brother James usually cleans up)
  • A shopping trip to Munich (There is a shop that sells felt. Just felt. Heaven!)
  • The cutting up and crocheting of a green silk shirt, into a hat.
  • Jewellery Making with my step mum (as the only other female present it was just me that took part. For some reason none of the boys were interested)
  • A wonderful countryside walk. (Photo above).
New Years Eve we spent in the centre of Munich, where lawlessness broke out at midnight. Lots of drunk people, with lots of fireworks = chaos. My brother James got hit in the head by a rocket. Thankfully it just bounced off and didn't hurt him, but it was pretty scary. (After that we hid in the doorway of an apartment building until it subsided a little. Unsurprisingly, ambulances and the fire service arrived shortly after.

This picture shows my favourite part of BMW World. It's a corridor in the museum, and I realise that it doesn't actually include any cars, but the light is amazing!

As far as Quest Twenty Eight in 2009 goes, I'm trying to set myself some concrete goals, but haven't even managed that yet. I'm debating with myself whether to continue with my Word of the Day Posts. In retrospect I enjoyed putting them together, but I'm pretty sure my step dad is the only one who appreciates them. Perhaps I'll just post them when the fancy takes me. (I just realized I am the master of my own blog, muahaha!)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that 2009 is being nice to you so far.
(Today I had the worst, and shortest, job interview ever. It lasted about 3 minutes, and they didn't ask me a single question. Needless to say I didn't get the job! 2009 is not my friend yet :)

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Michelle Goode said...

Fantastic photograph there! Certainly sounds like you made the most of your time away :) Here's to a creative New Year!