Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I love you more than _________.

Laureen and Yuliya from paperwhite studio have a lovely valentine themed project going. From iloveyoumorehtanblank.blogspot.com:


Before you know it Valentines day will be here…
Cupcakes and rainbows will envelop all, and your heart will begin to beat with the rhythm of love.

This year paperwhite would like to get in the spirit with you
in the form of a little project…

Please help us fill in the blank “i love you more than________”

Some of our personal loves:
- i love you more than guacamole
- i love you more than a coconut popsicles on a hot summer day
- i love you more than the G train when it’s on time (or the L when it’s not stopping every 5 min!)
- i love you more than a good hair day
- i love you more than pms 412 U

We won’t be stingy and will share all the answers with you by posting them
on http://iloveyoumorethanblank.blogspot.com/ as they come in.
In the meantime, we will take the responses and graphically design them into something lovely.

So please please share the love by sending us one, or more, things you would put in second place to that special someone (love@paperwhite-studio.com), and spread the love by forwarding this to everyone you know!


I've sent my contributions in and they are as follows:

  • I love you more than a 250 note streak on Guitar Hero.
  • I love you more than a hot chocolate with whipped cream.
  • I love you more than finding a long forgotten £20 note in my coat pocket.

I'd love to hear what you love less than your other half. If you leave a comment here I'll forward it on to the ladies at paperwhite studio.

(As seen on Graphic Hug)

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! I love it!