Thursday, 15 January 2009

Budget friendly design

When we first moved I spent a lot of time bargain hunting. My all time favourite bargain was 2 bedside tables and two lamps for £20 total Sadly, now the house is slowly becoming full, and I'm not allowed to buy any more home accessories (official embargo). But that doesn't stop me keeping an eye out for nice design at a bargain price. Here are a few things I've spotted out and about.

1. Spiral Cushion in Pewter £5.00 (Wilkinsons)
2. Allium Cushion £5.00 (Wilkinsons) (I looked at 1 & 2 in store, and the fabric looks perfectly acceptable to me - Several other colour combos available)
3. Rustic Photo Frame from £2.50 (Wilkinsons) These frames looks stunning, much better than in the photo. The colour of the wood is really rich.
4. Breeze Pendant £6.00 (Wilkinsons)

5. Iggy Retro Task Lamp £22.98 (B&Q) Also in cream and red.
6. Felt Loop Cushion £9.98 (B&Q)

Have you bought anything for your home at a bargain price recently?

All images from the respective websites.

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Michelle Goode said...

I think I need to officially appoint you as my style/design advisor when my Anthony and I move into our own place...eventually...some day... *dreams of a house as lovely as Elizabeth's* lol