Friday, 16 January 2009

Affordable Photography Lighting for your Home

My lovely brothers gave me a Building Site Tripod Light for Christmas. This may sound like an unwanted gift, but it was actually something I've wanted for a while. Th windows in our house don't let in enough light to take pictures inside. This lamp will allow me to take pictures inside without having to drag every other lamp into the same room.

I just assembled it (on my own!), and did a little test run. The lamp is more suited to close up shots, where it will provide fantastic lighting, but it didn't do badly in this setting either. (Considering it's getting dark outside already).

Now I don't have any excuse for not taking pictures of things I've made/done, and blogging about them. (Normally I wouldn't post any pictures of the house without cleaning and tidying excessively, and staging the whole thing, but as a new years resolution I've decided to be less uptight)

Some pictures I finally got around to hanging. As you can see the power of the 2x 500w bulbs bleached the photo out a little. This could be avoided by using something to reflect the light onto the wall, rather than pointing it directly. As soon as I've used the lights to take some proper photos I'll post them for your inspection.

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Michelle Goode said...

One tip for you is to draw the curtains (to make sure the light from your lighting isn't lost through the window).

Also, try placing the lighting to the side of the subject instead of directly onto it (especially if it's a picture) although you are quite right in saying you should really reflect the light. Another way is to diffuse the light a bit through some thin material. Try ait and see if it helps :)

Also, here's a link to a great website that sells material cubes. I work with one of these at work in order to professionally photograph products for a website. I have a cube and two lights, and it works fabulously. It may be of interest to you as I know you like to photograph your work for show/sale.

Here's the link: