Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Dear Santa

In the hope that Santa reads this blog, here's my little wish list. (It feels really self indulgent writing this list! )

1: Monsieur IV by blancucha
2: Tiny Pony in a Jar Print
by hamburgerpanda ( A tiny pony in a jar!!!!! I want this print, and a real one!)

3: 500w Telescpoic Tripod Light (Screwfix) (For lighting when taking photographs inside. The light at this time of year is really awful)

4: Tiny Cloud silver earrings by Original Designs Uk

5: An Ice Cream Scoup (for cupcake baking)
6: An Apron! (I am very messy, and need one.)

A Whole Can of Christmas Cupcake Worms

Yesterday the oven man came, and fixed my over. There was a wire loose in the thermostat meaning that the temperature in the oven was always low. Now that it is fully functioning again, I have all sorts of plans for baking - Hoorah!

I was planning on baking a (very) large batch of cupcakes for Christmas, as we are having people over on two separate occasions. I had it all planned out in my head, and then I searched Flickr for Christmas Cupcakes. Mistake! My plan now seems simple and juvenile, and I desperately want to create something fabulous. Check out these lovely Christmas Cupcakes:

Photo by Freakgirl

There are many more wonderful examples on Flickr if you care to be inspired. I absolutely can't decide what I'm doing with mine yet. Last night I attempted a carrot - nut cupcake with chocolate mousse icing, but it wasn't quite right. Wish me luck!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Illustration Friday - Similar

My entry to Illustration Friday's topic: Similar.

This is Marcel and Massimo and they are discussing the current economic climate.

I was using this background pattern as a placeholder while I created the actual one. Then I realized it looked exactly like the lino floor in my kitchen, so I left it as is. (Does anyone else struggle with knowing when to stop? I do!)