Friday, 14 November 2008

Storage Crate Shelves

I just love this storage solution from baileys. I would need to redecorate to fit these in though. Perhaps the bathroom? Then I could also have this fantastic 100% recycled oak block toothbrush holder (includes the toothbrush!) also from baileys. Whilst writing this post I discovered that baileys are based just round the corner from me, so perhaps I'll visit and take some pictures (and possibly get those crates...).

'porous' Word of the Day

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porous adjective
  1. Having tiny openings through which liquids may pass. (Source:

Thursday, 13 November 2008

It's getting out of control...

I realise that you are most probably bored of me posting about muffins and cupcakes by now. However, here are some more! I'm not sure if I enjoy baking them, or photographing them more. These are Chocolate muffins with chocolate mousse icing. Recipe is from (It's a really blog, if you care for cupcakes it's a must see).

Photos by me.

Birthday (Word of the Day)

birthday noun
  1. The anniversary of the day on which someone is born or something is created.
  2. The date on which someone is born or something is created, more commonly called birthdate or date of birth. (Source:
****That is me, on the left, on my 7th birthday. That was 18 years ago. Yes, I am turning a quarter of a century old today!

In your teenage years, each birthday comes with a new added bonus. You turn 17, you can learn to drive! You turn 18, you can officially drink and buy alcohol! When you turn 25, the only added bonus is that the cost of your car insurance might just go down. Unfortunately, mine didn't.

Please note the utter ecstasy in my face as I behold my new tea-set (in the picture above). I still remember clearly how delighted I was. That's my mum in the foreground, who is the best party-planner and master-of-ceremonies anyone could wish for. (Nice hair mother! :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Illustration Friday - Wise

My submission fo Illustration Friday's topic 'Wise'.

(I did warn you that there would be more water colour! I couldn't stop myself.)

100th post

I can't believe how quickly 100 posts happened! To celebrate I put together a little watercolour/graphic collage.

I'm getting all enthusiastic about watercolour at the moment so don't be surprised if you see more of it here. (It's such a traditional media, I'm sure it's due for a contemporary twist - just look what happened to crochet!)

Pink Chairs at Pieces

Have you ever been to Hamley's Toy Store on Regent Street in London? Especially around Christmas time this becomes a melting pot of screaming children, crying 'BUT I WANT IT!!!' and stomping their feet. These chairs make me want to behave like that.

I found these vintage chairs at Pieces' website. Pieces is a home decor boutique in Atlanta, with a huge selection of fantastic and inspring items. I would definately recommend setting some time aside to browse. Some hightlights:

(Made to order in any Benjamin Moore paint)

Everyone needs a white ceramic squirrel in their lives.
(As a bonus, this one also acts as a ring box!)

Images via

'olfactory' Word of the Day

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olfactory adjective
  1. Concerning the sense of smell. (Source:

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Emma Jane Falconer (Folksy)

Take a look at these fine art photographs by UK artist Emma Jane Falconer. I stumbled across them whilst browsing on Folksy, and there is something tangible about them I really like. You can browse her other pieces for sale on Folksy, or here on Etsy. More info also available at her website.

'Rememberance Day' Word of the Day

Photo by toxophilite

Remeberance Day - also known as Poppy Day Armistice Day (the event it commemorates) or Veterans Day - is a day to commemorate the sacrificed of members of the armed forces and of civilians in times of war, specifically since the First World War. It is observed on 11 November to recall the end of Worl War I on that date in 1918. (Source

The significance of the Poppy stems from the poem 'In Flanders Fieilds by Canadian military physician John McCrae. You can read the poem here in full.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Water Jug

I found this fabulous jug in a local charity shop, for only £1.50 (Just over $3). I'm looking forward to making some Iced Tea next summer and serving it in this jug.

'egress' Word of the Day

Photo by Eole
egress noun
  1. The action of going out of a place.
  2. A means of going out of a place; an exit. (Source: