Friday, 24 October 2008

Thomas Paul

These designs really cheered me up today. Thomas Paul is an American designer and a large selection of plates and cushions are available at (Along with a huge range of wall graphics and other bits & pieces.) The plates range from £6.50 - £8.50 each, and the cushions are around the £70 mark each.

For other online stores selling Thomas Paul's designs click here, and to have a good look at all of his products visit his website.

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My life would be complete...

..if I owned one of these. They are by Paul Smith and 'available' here. (Currently out of stock). Apparently these are also available in a silver finish, and cost £30, but sadly I can't find them anywhere online. I once saw a similar plastic version (these are ceramic) for sale at a Museum shop in Munich, and have wanted one ever since. Where I'd put it I don't know, but I do know I want one!

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Thursday, 23 October 2008


A momentous thing has occured. We have a working ceiling light in every single room in our home. Last week my brother James miraculously repaired our Living Room ceiling light (above). We had lived with just table lamps in that room for 8 months! It's a nice little surprise everytime I remeber that I can just flick the one switch and flood the room with light. (Makes me wish I had called an electrician earlier, but for some reason I can't bring myself to spend money on it!)

After James reapried that light, one of the circuit breakers (technical term for the little flicky switch boxes in the fuse box) broke. This meant that slowly all of the ceiling lights in our house ceased working, one by one. In summer this may have been bearable, but now that the winter darkness is creeping in, I need my lights! Today James came over again, and created more miracles! I now have working lights in every single room. This miracle involved a trip to an Electricians Supply Store, which was on top of a mountain (everything here is on top of a mountain).

James has just started his training to become an electrician, which he is enjoying a lot, and which promises a varied and interesting career for him. As an added bonus, our family now has an on-call electrician, who can be paid in cupcakes, beer or pizza (or all 3)!
Thanks and Good Luck James - I've got lots more things for you to practice on!


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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

When I win the Lottery.....Compasso Mirror

We have been looking for an interesting, utilitarian mirror with a budget price for a long time. They don't seem to exist - either they are too boring, too bulky, or overpriced. However, when we win the lottery, this one could be a winner!
(You can, however, keep the nasty clothes rail in the picture - those things give me nightmares. If you ever move to a house without wardrobes, don't kid yourself into thinking you can live with just clothes rails. They are evil instruments of the underworld. They will collaps at 4am, waing you up and making you think you are being burgled. They will collapse onto you at 8am when you are rushing to get ready, and will bruise you. They will collapse pretty much all the time - just heed my warning and stay away!)

Compasso Mirror - £576 available at (for £59 extra you get a 'pocket empty tray' that clips on the back).

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More Cupcakes

So we had another go at baking cupcakes. I enoyed making these, but didn't particulary rate them as far as flavour goes. (This may be due to an upset stomach - Anthony really liked them). The recipe is here: Vanilla Cupcakes The amount of ingredients in this recipe produced far too much (slightly too runny) icing. I would reduce it to: 175ml sour cream and 200g white chocolate.


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Tuesday, 21 October 2008


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I'm really not sure why these ducks appeal to me. In shops, I usually shy away from the novelty rubber ducks. But there is something about the number of different ducks available on this website that appeals to me (perhaps it appeals to my hoarding instincts, which I try to bury under my desire for a clutter free home!)

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