Saturday, 4 October 2008


My contribution to Illustration Friday's topic: 'Sugary'. I had lots of fun with this, and am now going to bake some cupcakes for desert this evening!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Etsy (US) CaitiJo Crochet

The Etsy shop CaitiJo Crochet sells items that are just perfect for the current season. My toes have become increasingly chilly in the evenings, and I've been craving a nice pair of slippers. And with that thought at the front of my subconscious shopper's mind I stumbled across these wonderful slipper socks on Etsy. These slippers are the kind of item I would like to give people as a present.

These slippers are available in fantastic colours including this bright yellow, a bright blue and pink. The slippers are machine washable and stay in great shape. I adore the way she has photographed her work.

Caiti also sells a variety of hats & berets (one of them interestingly named the 'beehive beret'), and also scarflings and gloves:
She will ship to just about anywhere for a very reasonable fee and is also happy to take custom orders. To top it all off, Caiti's very polite and helpful!

You can also visit CaitiJo's Blog
here. Thanks for sharing Caiti!

Images courtesy of CaitiJo.

'mauve' (Word of the Day)

Photo by tashland

  1. A pale purple or violet colour. (Definition by

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Love Patisserie

Last weekend was the 10th Abergavenny Food Festival. I didn't attend in 2006 or 2007, and am glad to say I did this year! It was an absolute delight, with the weather playing along for once. I will be posting a bit more about this event later in the week, but I wanted to post the visual highlight first: Gorgeous Little Cakes by 'Love Patisserie'. Unfortunately they don't have a web presence I can link here for you, but I can at least show you how beautiful their cakes are.

I carried these four cakes around with me all day, and unfortunately they were beaten and crumbled by the time we sat down to eat them. They tasted absolutely delicious. The Pear & White chocolate cake was very light and enjoyable, whereas the millionaires shortbread version was a proper chocolatey treat. The cakes were devoured by my family while we watched the Ryder Cup. (They may even have been the highlight of the Ryder Cup....).

'plethora' (Word of the Day)

Photo by abbyladybug

plethora noun

  1. An excessive amount or abundance. (Definition by

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Toast House and Home

It seems that 'Toast' is popping up everywhere at the moment. The brand has a really nice calm, pared-down feel (I can't say that the prices are pared down though..) and their house & home product range is just as beautiful as their clothes.

Toast promote their 'eco aware' approach: they are committed to increasing the use of organic cotton, their products are not tested on animals, and all animal products used are a by-product of the meat industry. Here are some of the products from their House and Home range.

1. Storm Lantern (£25.00)
2. Beeswax Candles (£8.50 - £15.50 each)
3. Log Basket (£35.00)
4. Trelech Blanket (£95.00)
5. Large Blue Agate Mug (£19.00)

'tarantella' (Word of the Day)

Photo by yakanama

tarantella noun

  1. A rapid dance in 6 / 8 time, originating in Italy; the dance was believed to cure poisonous spider bites. (Definition by

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Telephone Table Before & After

I acquired this little table for £15 at a local Trash & Treasure / Antique store. The poor thing was outside and being rained on every day. In the end I just had to take it home.
I sanded all of the wood down, primed and painted it with Dulux satinwood paint (which I had mixed to match to the fabric). I also stripped, or rather scraped off, the mustard-coloured leather.

The seat fabric is 'Flopsy' by Prestigious Textiles. It's available at a great price
here on ebay. (Check out some of the other great fabrics available there).

I enjoyed this make-over so much, I went out and bought another telephone table! I'll post as soon as it's finished.

'tachygraphy' (Word of the Day)

Photo by Major Clanger

'tachygraphy' noun

  1. The art and practice of rapid writing.
  2. Stenography or short hand as done in ancient and mediæval times. (Definition by

Monday, 29 September 2008

Illustration Friday 'Packed'

My interpretation of Illustration Friday's topic 'packed'.
I'm loving polka dots at the moment!

'quaff' (Word of the Day)

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quaff verb
  1. To drink or imbibe, especially with vigour. (Definition by

Barborosso the Pirate Bird

A while ago I bookmarked a great free pattern over at for a bird mobile. You can find the original post about the birds here. I haven't sewn since I was in primary school, and have been meaning to attempt to sew one of these little guys for a while.

On the weekend I met up with a good friend who I haven't seen in a while, and I thought she might appreciate a little birdshaped gift. I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt, however his beak is a little misshapen and my opinion he looks like a mean and nasty pirate bird. Perhaps he needs an eye patch to complete the look. So I had a another go:

Check out the original post or the Flickr Group for more pictures of birds, and the complete mobiles. The pattern (with beginner proof instructions) is available in the side bar of Spool Sewing's Blog.