Saturday, 20 September 2008

NYC cont'd (Koons on the Roof)

'Koons on the Roof' - A special exhibition by the Metroplitan Museum of Art.
Photo by TheGirlsNY

A special installation of three sculptures by American Artist
Jeff Koons whose previous work has included a 43 foot tall topiary sculpture of a West Highland Terrier. I saw an exhibition of his work many years ago in a museum in Bregenz, Austria, and was really impressed by the visual impact. You'd have to see the balloon style sculptures in the flesh to believe just how reflective they are.

This installation is in a roof garden in New York City (
The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden), which has an impressive view of Central Park and the Manhatten skyline. I would love to see that skyline reflected on these sculptures. The installation will be open until October 26th (weather permitting).

Photo by TheGirlsNY

Friday, 19 September 2008


One place I have always desperately wanted to visit is New York City. Despite being an American citizen myself, I have never been there. A friend of mine is visiting soon, and my bubbling seething jealousy inspired me to write this post.

Photo by Kevin Labianco

Top of my NYC-To-Do-List is Central Park. It's 843 acres in size and is home to sculptures of (amongst others): Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland (with friends), Hans Christien Andersen (below), a famous sled-dog called Balto, and three bronze bears.

Photo by wallyg

There are approximately 12778 yellow cabs in New York. I'm sure I have seen most of them have featured on Sex and the City.

Photo by ~Boston Bill~

Pretty high up the list is the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). At the moment they are showing 'Pipe, Glass, Bottle of Rum: The Art of Appropriation', 'Wunderkammer: A Century of Curiosities',' Here Is Every. Four Decades of Contemporary Art' and much more.

Photo by *Your Guide

There's about a billion other places I'd love to go, including spending a day in Brooklyn with Design*Sponge's Brooklyn Design Guide. When I do go, it will have to be for at least a week. If anyone is going soon, or has been recently I hope you enjoy(ed) it!

'topography' (Word of the Day)

Photo by Bettina Tizzy

topography noun
  1. a detailed graphic representation of the surface features of a place or object; the features themselves (the terrain); the surveying of the features. (Definition by

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We've currently got a gaping space above our Living Room fire place, and I'm considering this mirror. It's a whopping 150cm x 150cm, and the frame is actually a dark wood (not black as the picture suggests). I really like the imposing size, and over-size mirrors were everywhere at the Autumn Fair, so perhaps this is the perfect piece. Or perhaps it will just look like a giant sunburst mirror in a medium-sized living room. Hmmm...

'oniochalasia' (Word of the Day)

Photo by Fatty Tuna

  1. The purchasing of objects as a form of mental relaxation. (Definition by

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

You never knew you needed.....

....Desk Accessories

My current desk is a Heals Dressing table apparently originally from a Ladies College. This means I don't have room for much more than the computer, and a lamp (and the ubiquitous pile of magazines). I do however dream of an expansive desk, with room for all of the below and much more:

1. Pigeon Piggy Bank from The Conran Shop (£55) 2. Translations Pencil Cup by Design Ideas, available here (£5.25) 3. Water powered calculator from 4. Tommy Desk Lamp from Habitat (£19.00) 5. Digital Alarm Clock from Habitat (£19.00) 6. Zebrano veneered envelope holder from The Conran Shop (£25.00) 7. Kimono A4 Notebook from V&A Shop (£3.50) 8. Sukie Stationary Box available on (£10.99) 9. Ally Capellino Laptop Sleeve from The Conran Shop (£125.00).

'brume' (Word of the Day)

Photo by Vitó
brume noun
  1. mist or fog. (Definition by

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Urbanknit & Urbanstax (Etsy UK)

Both Urbanknit & Urbanstax are run by relentlessly creative, London-based lady Dolapo. Urbanknits sells a range of handknitted or crocheted scarves, and one-off bags made from a selection of African print fabrics. The scarves are available in a variety of designs: neckwarmers, scarfettes, mini scarves, and full length scarves. Personally I like the neatness of these neckwarmers:

To see a full range visit her Etsy shop Urbanknits or website. Her other shop Urbanstax sells bags and envelopes made from reclaimed plastic and paper. These envelopes have images of a range of Italian doorhandles on them, and come with address labels. Perfect for sending a special note or letter to a friend.

You can also check out Urbanknit's blog here. Thanks for showing off your work Dolapo!

'concantenation' (Word of the Day)

Photo by Darwin Bell

  1. A series of links united; a series or order of things depending on each other, as if linked together; a chain, a succession. (Definition by

Monday, 15 September 2008

'unabashed' (Word of the Day )

Photo by Vicky & Chuck Rogers

  1. Not disconcerted or embarrassed.
  2. Not concealed or disguised, or not eliciting shame. (Definition by

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Chainstitch Rugs by Zaida (Autumn Fair)

This week I visited the Autumn Fair at the NEC, where over 2000 suppliers showcase 500,000+ home, gift and design-led gift products (it's a bit like mindboggling, airport-sized gift store - I got lost at least 6 times).

Amongst the masses of reproduction Rococo mirrors, and reproduction french vintage metal advertising plates was this:
Zaida are a UK company who sell chain stitched Rugs Cushions and accessories. These products are produced in Kashmir, a north-western state of India, by cooperatives of adults who work in their own homes, in a kind of 'cottage industry' and who set their own rates. The products are hand stitched using best quality wool and cotton, meaning they can be washed as wool at home.

There is a large variety of designs, from Kandinsky and Klimt inspired modern designs, to more floral and natural designs. The chain stitching looks wonderful close up, very tactile and colourful. Many of the rugs would also make great wall hangings.

The rugs are also reasonably priced, costing an average £175 (incl VAT) for a 5x3 foot rug. For most rugs there are also matching cushions.