Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Whole Can of Christmas Cupcake Worms

Yesterday the oven man came, and fixed my over. There was a wire loose in the thermostat meaning that the temperature in the oven was always low. Now that it is fully functioning again, I have all sorts of plans for baking - Hoorah!

I was planning on baking a (very) large batch of cupcakes for Christmas, as we are having people over on two separate occasions. I had it all planned out in my head, and then I searched Flickr for Christmas Cupcakes. Mistake! My plan now seems simple and juvenile, and I desperately want to create something fabulous. Check out these lovely Christmas Cupcakes:

Photo by Freakgirl

There are many more wonderful examples on Flickr if you care to be inspired. I absolutely can't decide what I'm doing with mine yet. Last night I attempted a carrot - nut cupcake with chocolate mousse icing, but it wasn't quite right. Wish me luck!

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Michelle Goode said...

That one with the badger is fantastic! He he... My fiance loves badgers so maybe I'll have to try and make him one at some point...

We've been trying to make muffins for Xmas. We found a recipe on the BBC website for a giant banana and toffee muffin. We split the mixture into 12 to make normal-size muffins. It was a strange recipe indeed, requiring you to make the toffee substance in a frying pan,mix in the banana and oranges (peel left on),pour over the cake mix and then place the frying pan in the oven! Eh?!?! So instead we mixed the toffee and fruit into the cake mix, and split it into cases in a normal baking tray, and baked. They turned out pretty good, other than the orange (with the peel still on) tasting a bit foul combined with such sweet ingredients. Needless to say we know to take off the peel for the "official bake". We'll also make some cream cheese frosting to go on top. Hope that goes well because we haven't trialled that one!

Good luck with your baking!