Friday, 5 December 2008

Perfectionism for Dummies

I am not a perfectionist. In fact, I may be the anti-perfectionist. When decorating a room I'm the one going full pelt with a roller - the small details like edges and glossing are not for me.

Recently I have tried, on several occasions, to take some decent photographs of my little heart ornaments. As part of my degree I specialised in photography, so I have absolutely no excuse for not being able to take these photos in a timely and professional manner. (Although in my defense, I only used medium format cameras, not digital).

The photos didn't immediately turn out the way I wanted them. Lo and behold, from the depths of my being, emerged my inner perfectionist! I can't say that I like her, but she has spurred me on to try to push that little bit further. (Maybe it's something to do with the fact that I recently started taking yoga classes).

Several attempts, a lot of swearing, shouting and mess later, and I can finally say I am satisfied with the pictures. Not happy, but at least satisfied. I'm hoping that I can now lay this issue to rest, and am attempting to gain some closure by writing this post.

Here are some of the photos, illustrating my journey from a slob to an embittered, frustrated perfectionist:

This first attempt was relatively stress free. I only moved 3 pieces of
furniture around, and the sun light was great.

In retrospect, this is probably better than the next attempt.
(Except that the white balance is way off).

This one involved a mop, a bed sheet, two chairs, a clothes dryer,
raiding my mum's linen cupboard, and me crouching on the window sill
for half an hour in my pyjamas.

My favourite photo of them all. For some reason the ornaments tend to
look better close up in photos (The birdie came with a twin brother, as part of a
job lot I bought at an auction).

Today's attempt. You can see my collection of black & white vases here.
( I want moooore!) What you can't see is that I haven't gotten round to
painting gloss paint onto the top of the mantelpiece yet, and it's just a
primed wooden surface. Oops. (I'm a slob after all. Hooray!)

Now the final question is: Are you sick of these blasted red and white heart ornaments yet? Yes? ME TOO!


Michelle Goode said...

I'm not! I love them!!!

Fantastic photos. The last one is definitely a very stong one, but they all have excellent composition. Apart from the second one, which is perhaps a bit too "busy". I absolutely adore the shadows of the hearts on the wall, though, so I definitely suggest trying again with a simpler arrangement (i.e the first one or the second to last image) but with some shadowing as well.


Michelle Goode said...

Oops, I meant the third image, not the second to last. And I just realised it wasn't a wall in the second image but a notepad! Silly me! :P