Friday, 26 December 2008


I'm off to visit my family in Munich for a few days, and will back with guns blazing in January. There will be some skiing, and I've been promised some Feuerzangebowle.

(At the moment my boyfriend is washing up the debris of our Christmas Get-Together while I am drinking wine and posting here. He is driving us through the night to Stansted Airport, and really I should be doing the washing up, while he naps. Bad.)

Happy New Year, and hopefully this will be what Munich looks like when we celebrate 'Silvester' ).

Image by Photohalde


Michelle Goode said...

Aww Bless him! :) Have fun!

Biba said...

That so sounds like me & my BF hehe! Hope you enjoyed your trip, i am going skiing on Friday so only 3 days to go yay :)