Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Dear Santa

In the hope that Santa reads this blog, here's my little wish list. (It feels really self indulgent writing this list! )

1: Monsieur IV by blancucha
2: Tiny Pony in a Jar Print
by hamburgerpanda ( A tiny pony in a jar!!!!! I want this print, and a real one!)

3: 500w Telescpoic Tripod Light (Screwfix) (For lighting when taking photographs inside. The light at this time of year is really awful)

4: Tiny Cloud silver earrings by Original Designs Uk

5: An Ice Cream Scoup (for cupcake baking)
6: An Apron! (I am very messy, and need one.)


Anonymous said...

Father Christmas might have an aprom in your stocking if you re good !!!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your list! Self indulgence is necessary sometimes :)

Michelle Goode said...

Number three looks AWESOME!